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I have seen
The Fire
The Ice
at the Gates
of Sheol




~~* Wondering Pilgrims Wander to “Place”*~~
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drought season

After many years of hard work in the Montana backcountry we were very specially led to the southern region of the Lower Cascade Mountains. Although part of what is known as the North Western temperate rain forest, it is on the fringe of this ecological zone. There are extremes of wet and dry, depending on the season. The fall, winter and spring are very unsettled being pelted rather consistently with storms out of the Pacific Northwest. Yet generally our mini-climate here rarely dips below 29° F. in the winter. Most days are overcast and in the 50°s(F). It can rain weeks on end. Perfect mushroom weather most of the time. The hills and valleys are a verdant green from fall through spring with an occasional skiff of snow that is usually gone by noonday. The summers can get very warm, ranging from mild to well over 100° F. We have witnessed several years of severe drought, including the famous 2002 year of fire, during which well over 600,000 acres of forest raged in fire all around us (the largest fire ever recorded in Oregon). Yet, even with the surface ground parched and the herbage dreadfully withered, there is subterranean moister at 24 - 28 inches. There is no question in our minds as to the uniqueness of our stewardship even in this vast coastal rain forest, which extends from the Coast of Upper California to the furthest tip of Alaska. There are times when the entire region seems like a flowing cascade of water! With such an abundance of so powerful an element of nature, streams that barely flow in the summer swell to turbulent churning rivers by mid-December. Our immediate area has been averaging 35 but up to 54 inches of rain in a season. Coniferous trees grow to staggering heights, having great girth. It is a true marvel of the Almighty's creation. Since water and warmth are essential for life this area boasts an abundance of diverse flora and fauna.

drought season

In such a place, where there is a singular and spectacular topological confluence of rock, height and water, we have found our present habitation. The steps of our pilgrimage have brought us thus far.

The waterfall is tucked away and hidden from all but the keen eyed woodsman or the true naturalist in spite of it's sixty foot plus drop. When we first looked at the property we found it not. But for the persistent prodding of an Native American real estate man, we might have missed it altogether. Indeed even the local Indians born and raised here have all but missed it. All they know is that “up and back there” is a spot called “Singing Falls”.

Very few of the locals have ever seen it, partly because it is on private land but mostly because of its sheltered stance. The neighbors and friends that we have brought here exclaim that it is a natural wonder and stay a length of time to be refreshed or stand in awe of this focal point of winter rains. Lore tells of this place being a birthing ground and living place for the aboriginal dwellers. The often-found arrowheads and scattered chips of jasper are evidence that it was so.

The creek bottom is laced with fine specimens of jasper in a rainbow of colors heaved up by the vehemence of the wet winter sky. Often I find incredible fragments of petrified wood, some weighing hundreds of pounds unearthed by the steady saturating flow from the sky. In spite of explanations by the scientific community these oddities are a mystery to me. They whisper of ancient forgotten times. They hint to me of eras not understood by us. Etched in this rock and in this land are the echoes of the ebb and flow of time and humanity.

Buried deep in the rock is embedded the record of ancient paths, both good and evil, trod by men and spirits. Here at this secret place have I brought years of scripture study, a fresh supply of tears and my searchings of ancient Hebrew and Greek writings. Here I have continued to gather my grasp of the age-old and endless good that has been granted me.

Here in this secret place will I treasure another secret refuge revealed to me. Given to me. I hungered and He fed me. I thirsted and He gave me drink. I was naked and He clothed me.

Far from unscathed, yet pressing toward Him still, a solace has been granted me: not in rock, or water or wood, air or fire, but in spirit and truth. It is there in the unseen place. It is free to the weary. It is visible to those who hunger desperately for life. For this reason I am eternally grateful to Yeshua Messiah (Jesus). Yes, the Mashiach of the chosen people, the anointed of YHVH, the God of Israel, has opened the way.

It is true. It is real. Will you find it? You can if you hunger and listen. Go away Mocker. I am not ashamed because of you. Be encouraged Pilgrim. Your journey is not for naught.

rain season
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