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~~*  About Doll Hair Locks from Singing Falls  *~~
lock sample

Our natural white tight crimp lock.

When we first ventured to become shepherds our interest in fiber focused mainly on spinning yarns for the production of garments. But not long afterward we began to receive inquiries for samples that could be used for doll hair. Soon we began to sell the herd's locks for this purpose.

Now Singing Falls presents DOLL HAIR for "reborners" and those who do "OOAK" (One Of A Kind) dolls and wish to use fine mohair for their creations. After considerable dialog with doll hair enthusiasts we began to select particular individuals from the herd in our breeding program for doll hair production.

The demands are quite different from other aspects of fiber art. In general crafters who spin and weave seek fiber strands that have an extremely fine micron count. This has influenced fleece character in most herds to such a degree that many adult angora goats now sport fleeces that are as fine as kid hair.

lock sample

An open lock type is much less common in angora goat herds nowadays.

Reborners and OOAK doll creation artists require a substantially different grade of mohair and a broad spectrum of hair characters. For years now we have watched our goats carefully and have chosen individuals within the herd that most notably exhibit the various grades of mohair that best suit the human types they need to resemble.

It is not an easy task. First of all, the grade of mohair changes as the angora goat ages. Their fleeces tend to resemble human hair as they mature past the kid stage. The character of the fleece changes with feed and weather conditions also. You would marvel to see the color difference between summer and winter clips. Doll hair makers often prefer an even color and yet a long staple length for their creations.

Add to that the prospect of even the slightest health problem (catching a cold or having a heavy parasite load) and the long staple will show a considerable weakness in the hair length - at the time it was sick. We have shorn a 9 to 10 inch gorgeous fleece only to find that at about 7 inches the clip easily pulls apart. Harvesting a long staple is an accomplishment.

Since we arrived in Oregon in 1991 we have had a keen interest in producing a wide array of naturally colored mohair. It was common practice for those tending the large Angora goat herds of Texas and elsewhere to eliminate any kid goat born that showed even a hint of coloration in their fleece. The industry demanded pure white so that they could predict the ability of their products to take dyes evenly.

In the late 1960's a movement began that saw a tremendous value in natural colored fibers. We specialize in natural blond mohair right from the goat, no dyes, no muss and no fuss. Our herd of naturally colored angora goats has produced excellent natural colored doll hair locks. A goodly sample of these are on display in our doll hair image gallery. Please look them over. We think you will be pleased with the wide range of undyed or overdyed natural colored locks we have available.

angora doe

An angora goat doe.

How We Select Doll Hair:

Only certain of the angora goats give us quality doll hair. We search for fine mohair that most resembles a new born'. It must have the natural sheen reflective of health and vitality. These characteristics usually are found in fleeces from a yearling to a two year old goat. Some of the finest doll hair has come from certain does that consistently have produced the qualities sought by doll artists. We search for natural color with little or no 'variation' of color within the lock. Lastly, we look for strength, sheen and length of lock.

A lot of our doll hair customers have favorite goats that they know produce perfect doll locks. B1 is one of their favorite does, and one of our favorites also. Three pictures below show B1 fleece at its best. The top picture is an example of her fleece just shorn from her and washed, not yet combed. Notice its brilliance under light and its natural strawberry blonde coloration. No dyes needed for this fine fleece!

The next three photos show what her fleece looks like on a doll's head. Each of these three dolls was made by a different artist using the B1 natural blond doll hair. Premium quality mohair locks is what doll artists demand. We believe we have that here.

We have quite a selection of blonds to choose from, all natural, no dyes! Be sure to look them over in the doll hair image gallery. We have also provided dyed blond locks for those needing to match a particular shade of hair color.

lock sample

The much in demand B1 fleece.

lock sample

B1 locks set to curl.

lock sample

B1 locks with a medium curl.

lock sample

B1 treated for a straight lock.

And What About Natural Black?

Yes, we have a wonderful natural black colored doll hairwashed and combed. No dyes! You can purchase either “raw” or “washed/combed.”

See one of J.G.'s wonderful babies hand rooted with 'natural black' locks.

lock sample
lock sample

Santa Beard Mohair

lock sample

click to view

I have many requests for Santa beard mohair and finally I purchased my own Reserve Grand Champion Buck goat (Black Sheep Gathering, 2006) – just to please my customers! His fleece is super long, super rich with curl, super white, super clean!!!! (hardly any debris) and makes quite the beard.

Just ask for Roz mohair for your Santa doll hair. (That's his name.) By the way, if you want some gorgeous curly dyed mohair for your dolls, just ask for Roz mohair dyed.

lock sample

click to view

Notice that I have shown here the “antique” Santa beard mohair (natural golden highlites which many request.) We also have pure and whitest white. Make sure you tell me which you would like...

And finally, one of my favorite Santas:

Note that the Santa shown at the right sports a curly white “medium length” beard. We have plenty of medium length curly white mohair for those kinds of Santas also. Just give your specifications to us by e mail and we'll try to deliver the right mohair to your doorstep!

ALL SANTA BEARD MOHAIR IS $10/oz raw and $14/oz washed. No combing involved with Santa mohair. Just separate with your fingers carefully and put it on your gorgeous Santa doll. Dress him up in velveteen, find all the accessories and toys he'll need at the local thrift store (notice this gal found some great fake fur!) and have a great time when Christmas rolls around and the orders pour in.

Tell them Singing Falls was responsible for the mohair beard and hair. Much of our interaction with the various aspects of the fiber arts community is by word of mouth. Share the love :) Thank you in advance!


Washed, Dyed and Natural Colored Doll Hair Locks by Singing Falls

Pictures say a thousand words. The above are just a few of the colors we wash/dye and comb here at Singing Falls. I so enjoy sitting down in the evening and combing mohair. The gallery will give you a much better perspective of the range of colors and possible lock types found in our fleeces.

Extra long lengths – inquire personally about them. 10 – 12 inch lengths are not common, but we may have some on hand.

Again, I have found that a sample card with the locks sent to you for you to examine is the best way to go. Pictures are great – and some people do well by selecting by viewing a picture, but I believe that the samples are always the best way to go. You are able to touch the lock, see the color for what it is (examine it under light!) and see exactly what we have to offer at any given time. Dye lots vary, as do the dyes themselves. Some browns carry golden highlights and others (such as Fawn) are smoky browns, rich and deep colored. Be sure to let us know what your desires are and we will do our best to accommodate you. If your project is specific we might be able to present you with an option you may not have thought of so feel free to send along any pertinent information when you write or email us..

Always I try to please my customers. Let me know of your needs and I'll try to meet them.

Yours always,
Alexandra, Singing Falls Mohair

About the gallery

gallery image thumbnail

click for the gallery

The thumbnail images in the gallery, like the one here, are links to larger images that illustrate our washed and or combed locks. We've made every effort to give you a wide selection of possibilities in regard to color and lock style, including lock length. And yet there are many locks I have dyed and combed that are not shown. If you find a particular color or style that is especially pleasing to you let us know what it is by referencing the URL for the page.

All together we have made 70 plus images available for your viewing pleasure in the doll hair locks gallery. We hope you enjoy viewing the doll hair locks gallery.

We do custom dyeing of mohair locks also, if there is a particular color you would like to see that has not been shown, let us know. We'll do our best to meet your needs.

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