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~~*  The Singing Falls Stream Restoration Project  *~~


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~~*  Welcome  *~~

Welcome to our stream restoration project index page. In our ongoing effort to inspire aquatic habitat restoration on public and private land we have put together a compendium of pages to chronicle our project. This work spans several years but the sequence of events is being reasonably documented. The table below and the links they contain are the major components of the project to date. We hope you find this interesting, informative and helpful.

I've done my best to make this site compatible with as many browsers as possible and accessible to the disadvantaged. If you have a choice I highly recommend the Firefox Web Browser for optimal viewing of this site. It is free, secure, versatile, and of high quality.

This is the hub of the wheel. And a huge wheel it is. The table below is a directory of index pages having to do with habitat restoration and/or the Singing Falls project. Simply click on a title and you are on your way. Most of the links below have more on-site or off-site pages to follow. You can navigate back here to the hub by following the links on the left column of the index pages. Clicking your browsers “BACK” or “RELOAD” button will take you back to previously visited pages also.

Some of the pages lower in the file hierarchy have more graphics than usual. We have made every effort to make these images usable even for dialup viewers. In spite of that, there are some pages that require longer download time. Please be patient. We think visual communication is a powerful tool and have attempted to balance band width with image quality.

May you find solace in these confines.


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Historical Fisheries Images # # #
a true salmon run
The way it used to be. The way it should be. The way it is not.

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